Review Policy

Please read before sending me any requests!

  • I will review most genres but generally I prefer YA, Fantasy/Sci-Fi (Dark Fantasy, High Fantasy, Mythology; really any subgenre will do), Paranormal Romance, & Dystopian. I am always open to new genres though, so just contact me if you're unsure. Fiction only, please.

  • I accept books from authors, self-published authors, and publishing houses. If it hasn't been edited and has a ton of grammatical errors, I won't read it.

  • I post reviews on my blog, Goodreads, & Amazon. They are honest reviews (isn't that the point of reviewing anyways?). I will try to avoid a negative review at all costs, but I will exhibit my true opinion.

  • I accept both paperback and ebooks. 

  • Most books I review will be put up for a giveaway (except ebooks). 

  • Before I do anything, I will let you know if your book was accepted or not by emailing you. It may take a while but I will always get back to you.

Contact: morgan_kirk@icloud.com